1500 watts. Durable 3-in-1 de-icer converts between a sinker, floater or drain-plug de-icer. Incorporates multiple temperature sensors and thermostat controls to monitor water temperature; provides energy-efficient temperature control, keeping entire tank completely ice free without overheating water. Large, finned aluminum base spreads heat out to run cooler to the touch than conventional de-icers while putting maximum amount of heat into water. 
Converts from a floating de-icer to a sinker by simply removing the cover and float, turn upside down to rest on bottom of tank. Sturdy feet support the unit off the tank bottom when operating as a sinker. Can be safely operated in any plastic or metal tank without a guard. Features heavy-duty anti-chew protector. Special adaptor included to route cord through drain hole. 6' cord. 

3-IN-1 DE-ICER Converts between a Floater / Sinker / Drain-Plug 1500 Watt

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