For calves, foals, goat kids, lambs, alpaca and llama crias, elk calves, fawns and baby pigs during the first 24 hours of life. With Opti-GutTM, Manna Pro's natural recipe, complete with probiotics, for supporting a healthy gut, digestion, growth and development. Opti-GutTM contributes to the overall well-being of the animal, giving them the upper hand in achieving a healthy gut from the start. Easy-to-mix for fast prep and optimal consumption.


Contains min 25% crude protein, min 20% crude fat, lysine, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, copper, selenium, zinc, ascorbic acid, vitamins A, D3, E and B12, and a source of live (viable), naturally-occurring microorganisms (min 2.25x109 CFU/lb).


Directions: Calves - Mix 1 bag with 2 quarts warm water for immediate use. Feed 2-4 quarts solution twice on first day of life. See label for feeding instructions for other species.


Resealable package.

Colostrum Supplement Powder 1lb

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