• Coats, seals and protects to promote hoof health without antibiotics
  • Protects from reinfection 
  • Safe, effective and easy to apply 
  • Ready to go – no mixing, no measuring or fuss!
Contains just the right blend of copper and zinc to promote hoof health and get the job done fast. Copper and zinc are proven to help control the pathogens that cause digital dermatitis, the leading cause of lameness in dairy cattle. Really sticks to the hoof to keep active ingredients working overtime in the right place. Great for udder sores. Does not burn. 
Contains PVP K-90, glycerine, isopropyl alcohol, copper EDTA and zinc EDTA. 
Directions: Remove dirt, manure and other foreign material from affected area. Use a paint brush to apply a heavy coat to clean, dry hoof, covering the sole and between cloves. For best results, use a wrap. Remove wrap after one day. 
16 oz. tub holds enough for 50 applications.

Dr. Naylor's BLU-GOO FOR CATTLE 16 oz

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