All-natural equine calming supplement is ideal for the horse who is easily frustrated when asked to perform tasks, easily frightened, often shy, difficult to control due to excessive excitement and too preoccupied with the scary things in life to perform to their fullest potential. Used to calm irritability and apprehension.


There are no tranquilizers in this powder supplement, but rather herbs that naturally calm to take the "unproductive edge off" without losing the horse's natural athletic ability.


Contains jujube fruit, logan fruit, bupleurum root, scutellaria, codonopsis root, cinnamon twig, pinellia rhizome, poria, rhubarb root, dragon bone, oyster shell and dried ginger rhizome.


Directions: 1 scoop twice daily for 20 days, then 1 scoop daily thereafter.


Not for use in pregnant animals. Not for use within 48 hours of surgery/anesthesia. 2 Tbsp scoop enclosed.

Herbsmith Serenity Herbal Blend for Calming Horses 363 gms - 30 Days

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