Proven to provide significant reduction in hoof heat for up to 24 hours, and to help relieve symptoms associated with hoof concussion and trauma. Trusted by top farriers.


Contains 26.6% turpentine and 0.06% iodine.


For packing under shoe and pad - Pack sole prior to nailing or gluing on pad and shoe.


For packing overnight - Pack sole to 1/2" deep.


For optimal results, especially barefoot horses, cover sole with paper or plastic, then cover entire hoof and sole with self-adhering wrap or hoof boot. Reapply every 24-48 hrs until condition improves.


Does not contain any substances currently prohibited by USEF or FEI.


2 lbs = 10 applications.

Hooflex Magic Cushion Hoof Packing 4 lbs

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