Promotes growth and maturity in young horses, helps under-conditioned horses to gain needed weight. Safe for pregnant mares, decreases incidence of colic caused by overfeeding of traditional feeds. High energy concentration and calories permit lactating mares to maintain proper body weight.  

Dosage: Mature horses - 4-6 oz. per day when idle, 8 oz. per day during show and performance; Breeding stallions - 4 oz. per day out of season, 8 oz. per day in season; Breeding mares - 8 oz. per day; Weanlings and yearlings - 1 oz. per 100 lbs. body wt.

Product Features

  • A 40% fat, 26% protein nutritional powder supplement designed to promote weight gain and act as a body conditioner
  • Keeps performance horses in top body condition during peak season

Pennwood's BODY BUILDER 4000 High Fat Horse Supplement 11 lb

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