This is for your choice of color and size of a brand new western SMx VenTech air flow girth made by Professional's Choice.  Your choice of brown or black in sizes: 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, or 36".  Read below on our "how to find your horse's girth measurement"!!

The SMx VenTECH is the new standard for equine comfort and technology with all the premium features you expect from a Professionals Choice product. The exclusive new VenTECH technology features a ventilated, non-slip neoprene liner that conforms to your horse. It allows heat and moisture to escape, keeping your horse cool and performing at its best. Detachable neoprene liner peels away from webbing for easy washing. Superior quality and comfort. The SMx VenTECH Western Cinch is suitable for any western discipline. The VenTECH Cinches come with the Professionals Choice unprecedented six-month warranty or as required by law.

  • SMx VenTECH Technology provides more support, better fit and enhanced performance
  • Heavy-duty, reinforced stainless steel roller buckle & center D-rings are secure, long lasting & wont rust
  • Heavy-duty webbing with reinforced nylon stitching ensures durability
  • Ventilated waffle-patterned, non-slip neoprene holds saddles in place without over-tightening
  • Limestone-based neoprene won’t harbor bacteria and peels away for easy cleaning
  • Available in black or chocolate

How to Measure Your Horse's Girth

Figuring what size girth your horse takes is a simple process. All you need is a tape measure and a calculator (or a brain that can do simple math). Asking someone to assist you makes it a bit easier and eliminates trying to wrangle around the horse. 

Here's how to do it: 
Have your horse stand on a level surface. Pass the tape measure around his body where the girth will rest---between his elbows and withers. (See photograph below). Make the two ends meet and pull it snugly. Take a look at the number. This is your horse's heart girth.
This simple formula will calculate your horse's girth size. Take your measurement in inches, divide it by two, and subtract 3. 
(Girth measurement/2) - 3. 
Round up and go with the girth size that is nearest to your measurement. Keep in mind that girths usually only come in even numbers. 

Professionals Choice SMx Horse VenTech Western Girth Cinch Choice of Color/Size

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