32 ounce spray bottle of Pyranha's Odaway Odor Absorber

Natural odor absorber eliminates a wide range of odors. Broad spectrum, multi-purpose deodorant neutralizes odors from livestock, pets, urine, organic decay, smoke, sewage, chemicals, mustiness and other barn-borne odors.

Water soluble, concentrated, liquid formula leaves premises with a fresh clean smell. Spray directly on source of odor or especially effective when dispensed by automatic spraying system. Can use in conjunction with Pyranha Insecticide. 
BOV Spray is a non-aerosol with no harmful propellants. Sprays continuously and quietly from any angle. Goes on clean, dries quickly and leaves no residue. 99% emptying rate and 100% recyclable

For direct application: Mix 1 part concentrate with 16 parts water; apply with spray bottle. For 30 gallon spray system: Pour 2 quarts in barrel along with insecticide and fill rest with water. For 55 gallon spray system: Use 1 gallon concentrate.

Ready-to-Use formula provides all of the same benefits as the Concentrate, but can also be used to eliminate skunk odors. Recommended for saddle pads, blankets, helmets, barns, kennels, litter boxes, stalls, trucks, trailers and much more. Directions: Spray directly on surface; for skunked animals - fully rinse animal, then spray with OdAway especially in skunked area and work thoroughly into coat.

Product Features

  • Broad spectrum, multi-purpose deodorant eliminates a wide range of odors, including skunk
  • Banish barn odors!
  • Especially effective when dispensed by automatic spraying system
  • Great for saddle pads, blankets, helmets, stalls, barns and much more
  • Great for dogs, too

Pyranha ODAWAY ODOR ELIMINATOR 32 oz. Spray bottle Eliminates skunk urine pets

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