For toughening shod or unshod hooves. To aid in moisture retention. To strengthen soft or "mushy" hooves. As a show cosmetic - allow hoof to dry after cleaning with soap and water. Follow with 1-2 applications for glass-like shine. For tightening and preventing slightly loose shoes - apply as needed to fill wear space of nail track and old tracks after shoeing.


Contains 11.9% nitrocellulose.


Directions: Hoof must be dry and clean. Apply once a week to each hoof from 1/2-1" above nail clinch to shoe or ground surface. Do not apply to coronary band, under hoof or bulbs of heels. May be used twice a week if hoof is in very poor condition. Must wear gloves.

Tuff Stuff Hoof Toughener & Conditioner w/ Applicator 7.5 oz

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