Leave It Be Spray from Zephyr's Garden is a spray version of the Leave It Be Salve. It can be used on its own or very effectively in conjunction with the salve. The oil-free spray dries clear and doesn't leave a residue. This makes it great for ears, faces, rubbed tails, and difficult to reach bellies. Zephyr's Garden Leave It Be Spray can be sprayed on your hand then massaged into faces and ears - no need to wear gloves!

Leave It Be anti-itch spray uses powerful healing herbs to stop itching, soothe skin, heal, and regrow hair. The aloe vera juice base calms and moisturizes skin and may be used daily if needed. Zephyr's Garden horse products are an excellent choice for chemically sensitive horses and their owners. This convenient 16 oz spray works well on bug bites, hives, and sweet itch. If using with the salve, apply the ointment first then cover with the spray.

  • Contains Aloe Vera Juice, Chickweed, Chamomile, Calendula, yme, Arnica, Elderberry, Comfrey, White Willow Bark & Tea Tree Essential Oil

Zephyr's Garden Leave It Be Spray 16 oz

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